About Theresa Quinn


If you love fashion, can’t get enough of New York culture, and looking for a new blog to follow, you’ve come to the right place. You have stumbled upon the newest addition to the fashion blogosphere by Theresa Quinn, New York native and enthusiast. Here you will find everything you’ve ever wanted to know and didn’t know you wanted to know about the New York fashion scene and culture. This includes everything from which type of heels are the most comfortable for chasing down a cab to how to survive the various seasons amidst the land of skyscrapers.

Born and raised in New York, Theresa Quinn has always had a love of the scene and culture that makes New York truly unique. Having grown up in Harlem and eventually moving to Tribeca, Theresa Quinn has seen New York from a number of different sides. This has strongly influenced her style aesthetic and how she views the world. Theresa Quinn comes from a very creative family. Both her father and brother are musical producers in the city and her mother is an art teacher in upstate New York.

Growing up in a very creative household has helped Theresa develop into the person she is today. From a very young age, she was exposed to various types of music, art, crowds, and more. Her family made sure she knew there was a world outside of New York. They often traveled as a family to different cities around the world. It was on these trips that Theresa Quinn really took a liking to fashion and blogging. She started her first collection of travel writing in a diary that she took everywhere with her. In this travel diary, Theresa took note of the fashion, music, art, and people that she interacted with. Theresa Quinn’s parents always fostered the creative side in her, and it paid off.

Theresa Quinn has always maintained a big picture perspective to her work, having been influenced at a young age by the world around her. Theresa still holds on to her first travel diary from when she was a child. This helps keep her grounded and remember where she first got her start. Theresa Quinn works as a freelance writer and graphic designer living in Tribeca, New York.

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