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Theresa Quinn Shares Survival Fashion for the Cold New York Streets

Everyone always talks about how fun summers in the city are, but no one ever addresses the bitter cold that comes through in the winter. Winter in New York may not be like Alaska or Russia, but it definitely sees its fair share of record snowfalls and frigid temperatures. With this chill in the air, it may seem a little harder than most days to find the right balance between fashionable and not freezing.

Having just experienced one of the coldest weeks in a long time, Theresa Quinn of New York shares some of her New York winter fashion tips that she uses to keep her looking put together and warm simultaneously.

Tip #1 Layer Up
Everyone always tells you to layer up during the cooler months. While this is great advice, if you’re just layering up tank tops, you’re not getting much warmth or style out of your outfit. Theresa Quinn points out that the point of layering up is to be both utilitarian and fashionable. Don’t just layer tank tops under t-shirts under a jacket and head out the door. Play with textures, colors, and patterns to really make your outfit stand out. When in doubt, a button down, sweater, and coat can never go wrong.

Tip #2 Make a Statement
Statement accessories can be multipurpose: both fashionable and functional. Even if you choose a plain monochrome outfit, you can still make it pop with statement accessories. Throwing on a scarf, mittens, ear warmers or other cold weather clothing in fun patterns or bright colors can change the whole dynamic of your outfit while also keeping you toasty. Hats and oversized scarves will definitely do the trick.

Tip #3 Over Not Under
A very hot trend that comes and goes is over-the-knee boots. Theresa Quinn of New York loves over-the-knee-boots. They have a way of making an outfit appear to be more than what it truly is. They’re also a great way to incorporate your favorite winter dresses and skirts into the mix. Bearing your legs in the winter is a brave move. Wearing over-the-knee boots makes that’s substantially better.

Tip #4 Colorful Coating
It’s undeniable that you’ll see your fair share of black tailored pea coats flooding the streets of New York. However, Theresa Quinn suggests brightening things up a bit with a fun colored jacket. Many brands make beautiful colors and patterns for some of your favorite winter coats that will definitely keep you warm. Even if you’re not quite ready to embrace color, you can still opt for more subtle colors such as burgundy, cobalt blue, and mustard yellow.

Don’t get caught in the cold. It’s possible to still look your best while staying warm. With this tips from Theresa Quinn, you can dominate the New York cold weather scene.


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